Bent out of Shape Because of Your Frame Damage?

Bent out of Shape Because of Your Frame Damage?

Frame repair is easy to find in Marshall, TX

Frame damage can be very expensive. Although Marshall Collision Center in Marshall, TX has qualified body shop technicians who are well-versed in auto body repair, we recommend getting quotes from different shops. We're so determined to provide better quality service for a more reasonable price that we'll gladly give you a free estimate before you commit to any auto collision repairs.

Stop by our body shop today to get started.

What you need to know about frames

Chances are, your car has one of two types of frames-a unibody frame or a ladder frame. A unibody frame is the most common. It connects the body and frame of the car as one.

On the other hand, the ladder frame is one of the oldest frame designs. It's stronger and more common on trucks.

Regardless of which frame your car has, we can find a solution for how to fix it. Call us now to discuss frame damage details.